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About Us


COVID-19 has caused many businesses to close their doors. As a result,  business owners are leaving uncertainty and fears. As a company specializing in Website development and eCommerce, we want to offer our contribution by suggesting an easy to implement online Stores. We strongly believe that with the proposed approach, we will be able to get as much business online and hence reduce the impact that COVID 19 is currently causing.

How can Smartest Market help?

With the new measure related to the health pandemic, it is practically challenging to continue conventionally doing business. If we take, for instance, a restaurant, it would be difficult for the restaurant owners or employees to serve their customers while keeping a social distance. Hence, with an online presence, restaurants will be able to continue serving their customers either with food delivery or online ordering. The same will apply with many other activities that could either implement a natural step to online communication. Some of the technology may be finding the right communication tool, collaboration tools, tracking orders or Project Management tool. Most of those tools are already available and used by some companies.  And we want to help your business to take advantage of technology.

Solution for your business

We offer a wide range of services in Website development and eCommerce. Our agency is focusing on eCommerce, Corporate site and SEO. To help during the COVID 19 pandemic, we intend to combine the skills in all those services to bring something unique. And we split down our proposal into two packages.
  1. A multivendor store.  It would help those that do not have time to manage their online Shop to create a store and get started with online activities with progressive coaching to help them understand how it works
  2. online Shop at an affordable price.  Businesses will have the option to pay in many instalments. Moreover, we intend to provide training and coaching to explain to companies how easy it is to manage an online store.

How does Multivendor Store work?

A multivendor store is an online store for any business that does not have an online store. The general idea is to create an account, upload products and start selling without necessarily building a store from scratch. For any businesses using the tool, they will not have to manage the technical aspect of the store. Hence, a business owner will just take care of the delivery process while we handle all the updates.  We also handle all the marketing parts and SEO of the website. Furthermore, a store owner will have access to an easy to use interface to import their products and manage the store.

Building an online Shop at an affordable cost

Throughout our career as a website developer, we developed custom modules that usually enable us to quickly build a fully functional, secure and ready to go store for businesses. We intend to put our custom modules to help small businesses go online immediately. Our assistance will involve,
  • Building the online store
  • Offering training and coaching to take advantage of online tools
  • Day to day assistance in updates and maintenance
  • Search Engines Optimization
  • Staff training.
The suggested contractual arrangement with the government and procurement model to deliver this proposal (On six months) To complete the project, I currently have a solution already in place. And my answer is called Smartest. The Market hosted under the domain name //smartest.market/. And for the aspect of the development and training in eCommerce development, it is under my company Prositeweb Inc (//www.prositeweb.ca/) Overall, I will need the government to help with the Marketing aspects, training and maintenance.
  • For Marketing, I will need to spread the news as much as possible to companies in Canada. As such, I will need a marketing budget to reach companies willing to move online.
  • For the training, I intend to provide training to businesses on how to use online tools and to manage their online business efficiently. I will need a budget to prepare the training material, such as software and training materials.
  • For the maintenance, in the meantime, I would need a team to assist me in maintaining eCommerce solutions and helping me in quickly support businesses.

About us

I am Gilblas Ngunte Possi, the President of Prositeweb Inc (//www.prositeweb.ca/), an eCommerce and Web development company based in Montreal. To help tackle the issue of COVID 19 related to the complete closure of businesses, we want to provide an easy plan for companies that are willing to extend their businesses online. Our solution will consist of giving access to our multivendor platform for companies that are yet ready to manage an eCommerce website fully. As such, they will be able to sell online without worrying about the technical aspect of eCommerce. On the other hand, for businesses with a little budget, we want to help them build an online shop at an affordable price. Additionally, we will provide training, coaching and documentation to help them have full control of their solution.

Benefits of working with us

The smartest Market has many advantages, and most of them are related to assisting businesses to keep their activities partially open while keeping a social distance. For instance, we believe that one of the advantages of an eCommerce is the ability to sell your products or services to people wherever they are. Hence with the right solutions, achieving that becomes easy.

Below are some Benefits

Unlike other eCommerce tools, we work with you daily to facilitate your growth. Hence we do not only offer a means to display your products, but we also make sure you sell easily online.
  • Have an eCommerce website without worrying about the technical aspects (We take care of all the technical issue of the Multivendor store)
  • Help small businesses to have the skill that they need to move online quickly and safely.
  • Train small businesses staff on how to manage an online store
  • Continue selling despite the confinement or social distance health and security rules
  • Give them opportunities to businesses to connect with nonlocal customers.

Who will help?

My agency currently has eCommerce and website development skills. Additionally, we work in collaboration with a third-party Marketing expert for projects related to Digital Marketing. To efficiently deliver to complete our project, we will still rely on our skills as eCommerce and website development along with training. And as for the other related skills that a company may need, if it falls out of our capabilities, we will reply to our third-party marketing partners to helps businesses.

Is there anything we can do to help you implement your solution?

Our solution is already ready. And our business to assist businesses in building eCommerce already established. We are mainly looking for financial support to reach potential companies. Nevertheless, you know other companies or potential partners interested in joining the team. Then they are welcome.